The Molecular Medicine Core offers a full-service gene analysis program -- including project, assay and primer designs -- and laboratory experiments relating to genotyping analysis and gene expression assays. MMC services include sample preparation (fresh and paraffin-imbedded tissues, blood, and all other types), DNA/RNA/protein extraction, Western blotting, Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction, products purification, Real-Time quantitative PCR, DNA Sequencing, SNP, and HPV subtype detection for translational and clinical research. The following techniques are utilized: RT-PCR; qPCR with SYBR green dye or TaqMan probe chemistry; CEQ SNP Primer Extension; TaqMan Allele Discrimination; and direct DNA sequencing.

The MM Core is continually developing novel techniques and assays for more effective detection of DNA variation and gene expression. The Core presents timely reporting of all results and methodologies, with full interpretation of data and follow-up consultation as needed.