Important Accessibility Information for Faculty

Important Accessibility Information for Faculty

Over the past year, WVU’s Office of Accessibility Services has been working with faculty to streamline the process for implementing disability accommodations in the classroom.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 5, OAS’s new database Student Accommodation Management for Mountaineers (SAMM) is available online, providing faculty members with easier access to information about the disability accommodations authorized in their classes.

Instead of receiving accommodation letters at their MIX email address, faculty will now be able to log into SAMM directly with their WVU ID, where they will be able to securely access and review accommodation letters for all of their classes in one convenient location.

Faculty and students will be able to digitally sign these accommodation letters, confirming that they have discussed the implementation of classroom accommodations, eliminating the need for paper agreement forms. Faculty are encouraged not to digitally sign a student’s accommodation letter until this conversation has taken place.

Accommodation authorization letters have also been rewritten based on faculty input to provide clear descriptions of each accommodation, including information on how accommodations may be applied in the classroom.

These updates are designed to provide faculty and students with better information, better security, and better peace of mind. The Office of Accessibility Services is in the process of developing additional faculty resources, which will be available in the future at the Accessibility Services webpage.

Faculty with questions regarding the accommodation process or the new SAMM database, are encouraged to contact the Office of Accessibility Services at 304-293-6700.