WV Lung Cancer Project

Logo for the WV Lung Cancer Project.

WVU Cancer Institute’s Cancer Prevention & Control (CPC) is committed to increasing lung cancer screening rates in West Virginia through the expansion of the WV Lung Cancer Project (WVLCP).

According to the WV Cancer Registry and Health Statistics Center:

· Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in West Virginia.

· WV has a higher rate of lung cancer than the nation as a whole.

· Nearly one in three of all cancer deaths in WV are from lung cancer.

· In WV, more people are diagnosed with lung cancer than prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers combined.

The major aim of the WV Lung Cancer Project is to increase lung cancer screening among low-income and limited resourced individuals across WV. This is accomplished by a combination of comprehensive and coordinated provider outreach and engagement, public education and outreach, and case management support.

For communities:

The WVLCP attends various health fairs and community events throughout the state to increase public understanding and willingness to receive low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening. If you are interested in having the WVLCP attend your health or community fair, please contact: Cancer Prevention and Control at cpc@hsc.wvu.edu

For healthcare entities:

The WVLCP also has patient materials and provides on-site training. If you are interested please contact: Abby Starkey with Cancer Prevention and Control at abby.starkey@hsc.wvu.edu

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For individuals:

Resources are available to help uninsured and underinsured patients seeking screening for or diagnosed with lung cancer in WV. The WV Lung Cancer CareLine provides experienced case managers free of charge to assist with a variety of financial and insurance-related inquiries.

Call: 866-684-2479 for additional information visit the website and complete the intake form

The WVLCP was initially established with a generous three-year grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s (BMSF) Bridging Cancer Care initiative. The funding from BMSF ended in 2019 and the project will continue through 2020 with support from Genentech, a partnership grant awarded to the WVUCI and the Patient Advocate Foundation.