Bonnie's Bus

Bonnie's Bus Mobile Mammography Program bus with the WVU Cancer Institute logo on it.Bonnie's Bus serving the women of WV

Bonnie's Bus is a mobile mammography unit that travels across West Virginia, offering breast cancer screening in a comfortable, convenient environment. The Bus serves women who have private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and under- or uninsured women who qualify for the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Also, uninsured women living in West Virginia who are 40 and older can receive a screening mammogram on the Bus through the generosity of grant funding and donations.

Since 2009 Bonnie’s Bus has:

  • Provided over 21,500 mammograms
  • Detected over 110 cases of breast cancer
  • Traveled more than 180,000 miles
  • Funded over 1,700 mammograms through grants and donations
  • Completed over 1,200 screening days.

This is the logo of Bonnie Wells Wilson Mobile Mammography Program (sometimes referred to as "Bonnie's Bus").  It is a fuchsia Chrysanthemum copied from the fabric that is used to decorate the bus interior.

Bonnie's Bus was created in honor of Bonnie Wells Wilson, the mother of Jo Statler, who succumbed to breast cancer in a remote area of the state with no access to screening mammography. Bonnie's Bus has a mission to provide breast cancer screening services to women in West Virginia, especially those in rural parts of the state with limited or no access to screening mammography.

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