Microscope Imaging Facility


The Microscope Imaging Facility provides access to a wide range of imaging modalities for analysis of biological samples.  Our expert staff provides imaging and analysis services, as well as specialized training and support for our users.  The facility is located in the Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Center on the Health Sciences Center campus at West Virginia University.  Contact us to learn how we can support your research.


Acknowledging the Microscope Imaging Facility

Support for the Microscope Imaging Facility must be cited in your publications. These acknowledgements are required to document the impact of these shared resources and are necessary for continued financial support of the facility. 

Imaging experiments and image analysis were performed in the West Virginia University        
Microscope Imaging Facility, which has been supported by the WVU Cancer Institute and NIH grants P20 RR016440, P30 GM103488 and P20 GM103434.