Clinical Pharmacology

The lab provides both consultative and analytic services regarding clinical pharmacologic studies of anti-cancer compounds and recombinant proteins. These include: aid with trial design, optimal sampling techniques, sample handling/stability, quantitative measurement of drug/metabolite concentrations, calculation of individual and population pharmacokinetic parameters and pharmacometric evaluation via sophisticated computer modeling programs, in addition to expression and genotyping services. The equipment and software used by the lab requires extensive training and thus projects required dedicated time by lab staff.

The lab contains a Quattro Micro mass spectrometer (Micromass) API triple-stage quadrapole LC/MS/MS that is fronted by an Agilent 1100 series HPLC linked to a dedicated computer containing MetaboLynz/QuanLynx software for metabolite identification and quantitation. HPLC systems in the lab include a Hewlett Packard model 1050 with fluorescence detection and 2 Hewlett Packard model 1090 series II systems with diode array detection and dedicated computers. The core facility also has an ABI Prism 7000 sequence detection system (Applied Biosystems) for genotyping and expression experiments, which is linked to its own computer with Primer Express software (Applied Biosystems).

Adjacent core facilities of the Cancer Center which are available for use include: refrigerators; -20° and -80° C freezers; temperature-controlled high, medium and low speed centrifuges; standard lab equipment (e.g., thermal cycler, pH meter, analytic balances, water baths, shakers, molecular biology equipment, etc.); incubators; and walk-in freezers.

The core has a single, ~160 sf of secure, fully equipped office space located directly across the hall from the laboratory. Data are saved on secure, individual directories of the WVU network and backed up on a daily basis. Data management, statistical and PK/PD modeling software (WinNonlin and Adapt II) is available on each system. Laboratory instruments have dedicated computers as described above.

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