Information for Patients

Comprehensive Lung Cancer Program
A team approach to providing the best care for our patients 


Lung cancer is one of the most serious challenges for physicians and patients. But advances in diagnosis and treatment can add months, even years, to the lives of lung cancer patients - while enhancing their quality of life. With aggressive treatment, more patients are being cured.

At West Virginia University, specialists at the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center are taking an innovative approach to caring for patients with lung cancer - a comprehensive lung cancer program.

Specialist from cardiothoracic surgery, medical oncology, pulmonary medicine, radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology and pathology provide comprehensive consultative services and expedited invasive and noninvasive procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer with the quality of information enhanced by combined PET/CT imaging.

Patients can be referred at any stage of their disease, ranging from evaluation of an undiagnosed chest x-ray to treatment of processes which have already been diagnosed.

The Sara Crile Allen and James Frederick Allen Comprehensive Lung Cancer Program includes support services - pulmonary rehabilitation, nutritional advice, financial aid, and support groups - to help meet the needs common for lung cancer patients and their families. The program also includes advanced research efforts.