WVU Cancer Institute Evening of Science April 25 at New Evansdale Crossing

“Primary Cilium, Microtubule Motors and their Potential Role in Cancer Initiation and Progression” led by Elena Pugacheva ​

Team Members: Yuriy Loskutov; Matthew Smolkin; Vishy Ramamurthy; Max Sokolov; Chris Cifarelli; Adham Salkeni; Candece Gladson (Cleveland Clinic)and Jann Sarkaria (Mayo Clinic Rochester)

“FRUVEDomics: Exploring the effects of Nutrition on the Microbiome and Metabolome in Health and Disease” led by Mark Olfert

Team Members: Melissa Olfert; Christopher Cuff; Joseph McFadden; Pamela Murray and Marianne Downes

“Carcinogenesis” led by Yon Rojanasakul and Vince Castranova

Team Members: Liying Wang; Dale Porter; Linda Sargent; Patti Erdely; Nancy Guo; Todd Stueckle; Patrick Ma and John Barnett

Please RSVP by Monday, April 18th to Ms. Luci  |  More information and directions on how to get to Evansdale Crossing

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