WV Women Forward seeking input

West Virginia Women Forward is an initiative through WVU and West Virginia Forward that is working hard to identify challenges that WV girls and women face in regards to education, workforce barriers and the pay gap (to name a few). These challenges create barriers to educational attainment, which can hinder opportunities in education and career pathways. Leaders from all over the state are working together on this initiative and one of the first things that has been identified is that many programs and initiatives are happening in silos. Therefore, it will be beneficial that we get a state-wide inventory completed of programs and organizations supporting women in West Virginia. We started a preliminary list to create a medium where all could add to it so we can take stock of existing groups and initiatives that aim to support West Virginia women, and we’re hoping the list will give us a good idea of potential collaborators and unaddressed needs. We’d like to make it as comprehensive as possible, and your input is invaluable. Please send information on any women’s programs that you know about and don’t currently see represented on the spreadsheet to Maggie McDonald (mgmcdonald@mail.wvu.edu) who is collecting the information.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Maggie directly.

View the current list of programs.