Comfort Care Kits donated by Lemons of Love given to patients

A patient with Lemons of Love care package. Pictured with Nurse Liz Votta.
Liz Votta and Alex Pritt with a Lemons of Love care package

What started with a small gift between friends has now evolved into the larger “gift of humanity.” Lemons of Love was started in 2014 after the founder, Jill Swanson Peltier, was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer. Jill had received a small goodie bag from a friend with a few items that were meant to help her through her chemotherapy treatment. Touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of this gift, she knew that this was something that everyone starting their battle with cancer should receive. Jill envisioned being able to give others the same support that she received, in the form of a simple gift that makes a big impact.

Kim Huffman-Jones a physician’s assistant at WVU Cancer Institute was recently at a car race and talked with some of the members of the Lemons of Love organization who gave her 15 of the Comfort Care kits that she could give to patients at the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center. The care packages, contain a range of items to help ease short-term chemo symptoms; some things like lotions, lip balms, themed socks, hand-knit caps and other items that might be needed during an infusion visit.