Giving Opportunites

Make a Difference in the Lives That Follow

There are a number of worthwhile options to consider.

Many choose including a gift provision in their will or revocable trust to carry out their dream for support of the West Virginia University Cancer Institute. The appropriate wording for that is "…to the West Virginia University Foundation, Inc. for the benefit of the West Virginia University Cancer Institute."

Whether your gift will support faculty in carrying out their research and clinical responsibilities, program growth, facility upgrades, or unrestricted use, it will help in important ways.

Another direction is to name the WVU Foundation the beneficiary of a retirement account and let us know how you would like to have your future gift used. We're happy to work with you to assure the best results.

Some choose to make a gift that will provide income to them for their retirement years and will later provide support to West Virginia University Cancer Institute. You may select fixed income or variable income that can grow over time. The use of appreciated stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds, cash or even real estate can make sense. A federal tax deduction is earned by the gift, and you can decide how the remaining funds will be used in the future.

Donating a life insurance policy or real estate on which you retain lifetime rights are other choices that can make a difference for the West Virginia University Cancer Institute.

We hope you can help West Virginia University Cancer Institute reach its important campaign goal.

To learn more, contact our office, at 304-293-4597 or