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Electron Microscopy

A Health Sciences Center (HSC) Core Electron Microscopy Facility provides complete scanning and transmission EM services on a fee-for-use basis. This well-equipped center is staffed full-time and supervised by faculty from the Departments of Pathology and Anatomy. Investigators can obtain consultation regarding experimental design, as well as expert tissue preparation and ultra-thin sectioning services. One of the two microscopes is a recently purchased JEOL TEM, and both instruments are covered by the manufacturer’s service contracts.

The Core EM facility also offers complete darkroom services. The HSC Microscope Imaging Facility offers a comprehensive confocal imaging system (Zeiss LSM-510) and an integrated microscopy system for neuroanatomical 3-D reconstruction and design-based stereology (Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator; MicroBrightfield, Inc.).

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